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Re: [PATCH RFC] handle unload dll in win32-nat.c

On Thu, Nov 15, 2001 at 11:38:42AM +0100, Pierre Muller wrote:
> I wanted to add unloading of DLLs in windows.
>Note that I removed some related changes manually from the
>diffs file, so it will probably only apply with some fuzz.
>2001-11-15 Pierre Muller  <>
>	* win32-nat.c (struct so_stuff): Add objfile *objfile field needed to be
>	able to remove	the DLL when unloaded. Remove unused last field.
> 	(handle_unload_dll): New function to handle unloading of DLL.
>	(solib_symbols_add): Change return type to struct objfile *.
>	(get_child_debug_event): call handle_unload_dll function.

Sorry for the delay.  I've applied this patch.  I tweaked handle_unload_dll
slightly in the process.

Btw, I had a really hard time applying this patch since it looks like your
mailer munged the spacing in much of it.  It also wrapped at inopportune

Maybe next time, if you submit the patch as an attachment it will be easier
to apply?

Thanks for your patch!


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