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Re: [PATCH RFA] lin-lwp.c: Block SIGCHLD events when attaching

On Tue, Nov 20, 2001 at 12:17:10AM -0700, Kevin Buettner wrote:
> On Nov 19, 11:53pm, Kevin Buettner wrote:
> > I just tried it.  It seems to behave about the same.  It usually attaches
> > okay, but I am able to reproduce the "Cannot find new threads: generic error"
> > by using Jim's trick of repeatedly attaching and detaching.
> I now know a little bit more about this problem.
> First, I should explain that I'm using Jim Blandy's trick of
>     set height 0
>     break <somewhere that will be hit by one or more threads>
>     while 1
>      attach <pid of main process>
>      continue
>      detach
>     end
> The "Cannot find new threads:  generic error" seems to occur just (or
> shortly) after one of the early threads has exited.  Tomorrow, I'll
> write a test to see if it's possible at all to attach to a
> multithreaded process in which one of the threads has exited.

Here is a modified ex11.c. It is easier to reproduce the gdb bug.


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