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Re: [RFA] Harvard extensions for cast expressions

> This is a re-submission, with suggested clean-ups, of an extension
> posted in September to allow cast expressions to include a modifier
> which designates an address space (for now, either "code" or "data").
> Future work may be expected to extend this so that address spaces
> can be added dynamically at runtime.
> 2001-09-28  Michael Snyder  <>
> Add address space identifiers to expression language for types.
> 	* c-exp.y (space_identifier, cv_with_space_id, 
> 	const_or_volatile_or_space_identifier_noopt, 
> 	const_or_volatile_or_space_identifier): New terminals.
> 	(ptype): Accept const_or_volatile_or_space_identifier.
> 	(typebase): Accept const_or_volatile_or_space_identifier.
> 	* c-typeprint.c (c_type_print_cv_qualifier): Rename to
> 	c_type_print_modifier.  Handle address space modified types.
> 	New type flags.
> 	(struct type): Add new field as_type for addr-space qualified types.
> 	(TYPE_AS_TYPE): New macro, retrieves the chain of types that are
> 	identical to this one except for address-space qualification.
> 	* gdbtypes.c (alloc_type): Initialize new field 'as_type'.
> 	(address_space_name_to_int): New function.
> 	(address_space_int_to_name): New function.
> 	(make_type_with_address_space): New function.
> 	(make_cv_type): Handle as_type field of new struct type object.
> 	* parse.c (check_type_stack_depth): New function.
> 	(push_type_address_space): New function.
> 	(follow_types): Handle types with address-space qualifier.
> 	* parser-defs.h (enum type_pieces): Add enum tp_space_identifier.
Yes, ok.

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