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Re: PATCH: --args


>  # untouched.
>  m:::int:in_function_epilogue_p:CORE_ADDR addr:addr::0:generic_in_function_epilogue_p::0
> +# Given a vector of command-line arguments, return a newly allocated
> +# string which, when passed to the create_inferior function, will be
> +# parsed (on Unix systems, by the shell) to yield the same vector.
> +# This function should call error() if the argument vector is not
> +# representable for this target or if this target does not support
> +# command-line arguments.
> +# ARGC is the number of elements in the vector.
> +# ARGV is an array of strings, one per argument.
> +f::CONSTRUCT_INFERIOR_ARGUMENTS:char *:construct_inferior_arguments:int argc, char **argv:argc, argv:::construct_inferior_arguments::0

Could you please tweek this to be:
	m:::char *:....
instead of ``f:''.

> +      n = CONSTRUCT_INFERIOR_ARGUMENTS (inferior_argc, inferior_argv);

the above will also need to be tweeked to be:

	n = gdbarch_construct_inferior_arguments (current_gdbarch, ...);

otherwize I'm ok with the changes.  Just check with Fernando and Elena.


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