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Re: [RFA]: Add IN_EPILOGUE() predicate

On Mon, 5 Nov 2001, Andrew Cagney wrote:

> > I actually think that gdbarch-related functions should be described
> > in their own chapter/section, perhaps with subsections devoted to
> > different aspects of gdbarch.  So could you please start such a
> > section somewhere in the chapter "Target Architecture Definition",
> > and put the text you wanted to add there?  Please use the general
> > idea of the section "Target Conditionals" for the layout and the text
> > that preceeds the list of the functions/macros.
> Eli, I don't know that there is much to gain from this.  The old macro's 
> and new functions are really the same thing (the architecture vector) 
> and belong in the same section.

I thought about starting a new section for reasons that are partly 
pedagogical: we want to break away with the Old Ways and start our Brave 
New World! ;-)

In addition, I suspect it would be confusing to have in the same section 
description of two essentially parallel, but subtly different (e.g., 
functions vs macros) systems.  It seemed to me that if we say clearly in 
each section/chapter what system it describes, the reader will be less 

However, if you feel we should document them all together, I won't 
object; the above are not strong feelings.

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