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Re: [RFA]: Add IN_EPILOGUE() predicate

> Thanks for looking into it.  The below changed patch considers the
> above hints.  However, while changing IN_FUNCTION_EPILOGUE_P() into
> a full multi-arched function, the IN_FUNCTION_EPILOGUE_P macro got
> lost.  Therefore I'm now calling gdbarch_in_function_epilogue_p()
> in the watchpoint_check() function.
> That's no problem but... now I don't find the correct place to document
> the new functionality.  gdbinit.texinfo contains a list of all the
> macros but there don't seem to be a list of full multi-arched functions.
> If we hadn't lost the above macro, I would have added the following
> words:
>   @item IN_FUNCTION_EPILOGUE_P (@var{pc})
>   Returns non-zero if the given @var{pc} is in the epilogue of a function.
>   The epilogue of a function is defined as the part of a function where
>   the stack frame of the function already has been destroyed up to the
>   final `return from function call' instruction.

The loss of the macro is intentional, eventually someone will need to go 
through and parameterise all the old ones :-/

As for the doco, I'd just add the above but refer to the function 
instead of the macros.


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