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Re: [RFA]: Fix TUI to build and run


Andrew Cagney a écrit :
> I hope you realise this is a political and not a technical question.
> Anyway, ignoring the politics ... :-)

Yes... I did this not just to fix the build.

I really would like to have a curses-based GDB.  In some situations, it
really helps to have source window update while you step.

I have other patches to:

 - Cleanup defs.h to include only tui.h (and avoid inclusion of curses.h
   which breaks monitor.c and some others)
 - Improvement to install a specific Keymap in readline
   ('n' -> next, 's' -> step, 'c' -> continue, and so on)
 - Remove the __STDC__ stuff.

> The code contains a number extern additions in C files vis:
> > diff -u -p -r1.5 tui.c
> > --- tui.c       2000/12/15 01:01:51     1.5
> > +++ tui.c       2001/03/25 16:55:30
> ...
> > +extern Function *old_rl_getc_function;
> Just keep in mind that MI/libgdb are ment to eventually replace all
> those TUIDO macros.

Hum... there are more work but this could be interesting...

> Anyway, on to the politics, nuff sitting on the fence.  Could I suggest:
>         o       taging the GDB sources
>                 before anything goes in
>         o       checking out a separate
>                 tree and then merging
>                 / committing the changes
>                 incrementally.
>                 For instance, the patch to zap
>                 the __STDC__ stuff could
>                 be separated out.
> Beyond that, assume you've got a licence to kill.
>         Andrew

Well, I'm a little bit stuck because I can't generate patches as fast as 
I modify this code.


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