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Re: [RFA] Add dependency of gdb on tcl/tk libraries

On Fri, 13 Apr 2001, Eli Zaretskii wrote:

> > 2001-04-12  John R. Moore  <>
> > 
> >	* Added dependency of gdb on tcl/tk libraries.
> >	* Likewise.
> >	* configure: Regenerated with the above using autoconf.
> Hmm... am I missing something, or does this patch _require_ tcl to be
> linked in?  What about ports that *never* build with tcl, such as
> DJGPP?  What if the Tcl and Tk directories don't exist at configure
> time?

This patch only really affects The machinery for it has 
existed in gdb for over three years. You've been using it all along. 
(Spooky -- almost Erin Brokovich-ish.. Water, anyone?)

The configury change that John is adding (which appears good) is confined 
only to Insight. A quick read of the surrounding code has:

if test "${enable_gdbtk}" = "yes"; then

So, unless you configure with "--enable-gdbtk" or you have the insight 
module present (which enables "--enable-gdbtk" by default), you'll never 
see this.

However, to be safe... John, have you/can you check out the gdb module 
(without Insight) and tried this? Does it cause any additional problems 
(TCL_DEPS, TK_DEPS, etc should all be blank).

I have tested this patch with the insight module, both with 
--enable-gdbtk and without, and it works just fine in both cases.


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