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Re: [RFA] xcoffread.c: handle -bbigtoc binaries

On Apr 12,  5:13pm, Andrew Cagney wrote:

> Kevin, I guess you're calling this an obvious fix?

No.  I don't regard this as obvious.  In fact, when I first heard of
this change (a couple of days ago), I had some concerns.  But I've
been following some internal (Red Hat) discussion regarding this
change and it seems okay to me now.

I was approving Nick's patch as one of the AIX maintainers.  If I've
stepped on someone's toes, I apologize.  If someone feels that this
change demands more discussion, I'll ask Nick to revert it until a
consensus is reached.

> Anyway, the comment:
> +           /* If symbol name starts with ".$" or "$", ignore it. 
> doesn't match the code.
> +           if (namestring[0] == '$' || namestring[0] == '@'

If you read the entire comment and the entire if-condition, I believe
it's covered...

	    /* If symbol name starts with ".$" or "$", ignore it. 

	       A symbol like "@FIX1" introduces a section for -bbigtoc jump
	       tables, which contain anonymous linker-generated code. 
	       Ignore those sections to avoid "pc 0x... in read in psymtab,
	       but not in symtab" warnings from find_pc_sect_symtab.  */

	    if (namestring[0] == '$' || namestring[0] == '@'
		|| (namestring[0] == '.' && namestring[1] == '$'))

Though I admit that when I first read the patch, I was puzzled too. 
Perhaps it would be clearer if the first line of the comment were
revised to read as follows...

	    /* If symbol name starts with ".$", "$", or "@", ignore it. 


BTW, I should add that I appreciate Nick's additional commentary
regarding the reason for ignoring the "@" symbols.  I only wish the
author of the original comment would've done the same for the ".$" and
"$" prefixes.


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