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Re: PATCH: gdb/corefile.c (0401 snap on HP-UX). (J.T. Conklin) writes:

> >>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel Berlin <> writes:
> >> I'm not sure that I like this patch, but I'm not sure I can come up
> >> with a resonable alternative in the short term.  Perhaps the code to
> >> find the symbol file cooresponding to the core file (this is the bit
> >> that needs symfile_objfile) should be replaced with a config specific
> >> hook.  But because it is also wrapped with HPUXHPPA, I'm not opposed
> >> to checking this in now, and fixing it up later.
> Dan> Please don't.
> See my response to Kevin.  In short, I'm not going to.
Just got it. 
> Dan> The idea is not to *add* things wrapped with HPUXHPPA, rather,
> Dan> remove them.  Pretending they will be fixed up later isn't a
> Dan> good idea. They haven't been thus far. There is no indication
> Dan> this will change.
> You don't need to lecture me about this.  
Okey dokey, sorry about that.
> I've been one of the most
> vocal critics about adding cruft believing the fiction we'll fix it
> later. 

It's not just cruft, too, as i'm sure you know.  There are whole
targets and language support modules that never got fixed "later".

>  This is why I asked for further comments instead of commit-
>  ing the patch as is.  
>         --jtc
> -- 
> J.T. Conklin
> RedBack Networks

I was going to tape some records onto a cassette, but I got the
wires backwards.  I erased all of the records.  When I returned
them to my friend, he said, "Hey, these records are all blank."

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