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Re: [RFC, RFA] multi-arch PREPARE_TO_PROCEED()


Thanks for the response.  I've checked my patch in and added a comment to the 
4 existing implementations as you suggested.

Andrew Cagney wrote:

> David Smith wrote:
>>                          hppa-tdep.c   linux-thread.c   lin-lwp.c   m3-nat.c
>> Switch "inferior_pid"?      X                              X
>> Flush cached frames?        X                              X
>> Flush register data?        X                              X
>> Update "stop_pc"?
>> Select a new frame?
>> linux-thread.c just sets an internal variable (linuxthreads_step_pid) and
>> then does some magic with that variable in linuxthreads_resume().  m3-nat.c
>> calls a Mach3 specific switch_to_thread() function, which doesn't change
>> inferior_pid at all (?).
> Yes, ok.  Can of worms... Ulgh.  I'd check things in as they are.
> Perhaphs just add a comment to each of the existing implementations
> suggesting that they are potentially redundant.
> 	Andrew

David Smith
Red Hat, Inc.
256.704.9222 (direct)
256.837.3839 (fax)

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