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Re: GDB - Remote Serial Protocol

Hi Vishal,

If you have the GDB sources, you will find the manual "Debugging with
GDB" in the gdb/doc subdirectory.  It can be generated in a variety of
formats (look in the of that subdirectory).

If your system is a Unix system, the "info" version of the manual should
have been installed when gdb was installed.  Use the "info" command to
browse it.

Fernando wrote:
> Hi GDB Team,
>        Is there any documentation in the web on the remote serial protocol.  I have found some  documentation on what kind of messages the gdb sends to the stub but what I need is what does the gdb expect in return for the commands that it sends. i.e.
> the format of the message that need to be sent from the stub back to the gdb.  Please indicate where I can find this info. I am trying to write a gdbstub in 'C'.
> Thanks & Regards,
> Vishal
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