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"make TAGS" work again after gdbtk reorg

Re: (patch) hpjyg08: syms_from_objfile related changes

Re: (patch) hpjyg11: hp-symtab-read.c & related

-Wall -Wno-unused-param

000215 some warning removal

20000117 portability patches

Re: 2nd try: (patch) hpjyg03: (buildsym|language).[ch]

[Conversion of the GNU Hurd to the new i386 register layout]

[Fwd: [patch] UDP transport support]

[Fwd: Updated tools]

Re: [Fwd: Yet another patch to gdb.texinfo]

[FYI] include/dis-asm.h: read_memory_func signature changed

[GDB-MAINT] H.J Lu added

[GDB-MAINT] Multiple maintainers and other stuff.

[GDB-MAINT] Nick Duffek is now the UnixWare threads maintainer

[GDB-MAINT] Updated maintainer list

[MAINT/PATCH] ChangeLog Revert whitespace changes

[MAINT/RFC] Start devolving maintenance responsibility

[MAINT] Add Glen McCready

[MAINT] Adminstriva - update account needing folk

[MAINT] Anthony Green - Java Maintainer

[MAINT] d30v to David Taylor

[MAINT] Daniel Berlin is C++ language maintainer

[MAINT] Devolve responsibilities

[MAINT] Expand readline/ maintaners

[MAINT] J.T. NetBSD maintainer

[MAINT] Mail address correction

[MAINT] Minor admin tweeks

[MAINT] More additions

[MAINT] Peter Schauer and Michael Snyder for ``Blanket Write'' maintainers

[MAINT] Please! always post a patch...

[Maint] Second testsuite maintainer

[MAINT] sim maintainers

Re: [MAINT] src/mmalloc maintainers

[MAINT] Windows and bytecode additions

[MAINT] x86 maintainers .....

[PATCH RFA] Another utils.c patch

[PATCH RFA] bfd/, bfd/configure

[PATCH RFA] Clean up GDB's packaging, add support for dejagnu, insight, ...

[PATCH RFA] Configury changes for IA-64

[PATCH RFA] gdbserver/low-linux.c changes for IA-64

[PATCH RFA] linux-thread.c, lin-thread.c changes

[PATCH RFA] Linux/i386 signal trampoline code

[PATCH RFA], configure.tgt changes for linux/ppc

[PATCH RFA] solib.c

[PATCH RFA] solib.c, symfile.c, symtab.h, and target.h changes

[PATCH RFA] store_floating(), extract_floating() fixes

[PATCH RFA] symfile.c bounds check

[PATCH RFA] testsuite changes needed for AIX 4.3

[PATCH RFA] utils.c should not assume that sizeof(long) == 32

[PATCH-DEJAGNU] Force DMAP2 register when running d10v tests

[PATCH/RFA] language.c free(0)



[PATCH] "info threads" queries for remote.c

[PATCH] "make install" in mmalloc to work on MS-DOS

[PATCH] "OVERLAY ON" does not exist.

[PATCH] : language.c free(0)

[PATCH] acconfig.h tweeks - HAVE_PTRACE_GETREGS

[PATCH] Add change-log variables to more MI files

[PATCH] Add GDB release criteria to TODO

[PATCH] Add paragraph on mutiple maintainers

[PATCH] AIX 4.3 changes

[PATCH] AIX/i386 config tweaks

[PATCH] Allow mips64 code compiled with -mgp32 to be debuggable

[PATCH] bfd/rs6000-core.c

[PATCH] Changes for GNU/Linux PPC port

[patch] cli-out syntax fix

[PATCH] cli-out.c compilation error

[PATCH] Comment out longest_raw_hex_string

[PATCH] Comparing tv_sec in event-loop.c

[PATCH] compile for ARM in rdi-share under 4.4BSD

[PATCH] Configury changes for IA-64

[PATCH] COPYING and copying.c

[PATCH] Create destdirs...

[patch] doc/ - create destdir

[PATCH] Document the ThreadInfo remote protocol queries

[PATCH] Don't configure GDBtk unless it is there

[PATCH] Don't trim addresses in Dwarf debug info

[PATCH] Don't try to install Insight

[PATCH] Fix `next'-ing out of a signal handler on Linux/i386

[PATCH] Fix C++ overloading, add support for seeing through references.

[PATCH] Fix typo - ``{'' vs ``(''

[PATCH] Fix d10v inferior function call stack alignment

[PATCH] Fix for target.c:do_target_signal_to_host()

[patch] fix insight links

[PATCH] Fix texinfo problems...

[PATCH] GDB command-line switches and annotations docs

[PATCH] GDB runs on Linux 2.0 again!

[PATCH] gdb.base/pointers.c commit

[PATCH] gdb.texinfo

[PATCH] gdb/hppah-nat.c: Include "gdb_wait.h" instead of <wait.h>

[PATCH] gdbarch cleanups part 1

[PATCH] gdbarch fixes to defaults (cleanup part 2)

[PATCH] gdbserver/low-linux.c changes for IA-64

[PATCH] go32-nat.o prerequisites in gdb/

[PATCH] HFA, function descriptor handling for IA-64

[PATCH] Hurd fixes

[PATCH] Include "gdb_wait.h"

[PATCH] Include <ctype.h> in arm-tdep.c

[PATCH] include/remote-sim.h: Clarify sim_resume / sim_stop_reason

[PATCH] Kick GDBtk's magic ln -s code out of

[PATCH] libbfd on MS-DOS

[PATCH] libopcodes on MS-DOS

[PATCH] Linux/i386 FPU registers fix

[PATCH] Linux/i386 testresults & gdb_proc_service.h patch

[PATCH] linux/ppc backtrace through signal handler fix

[PATCH] MAINTAINERS - more additions

[PATCH] Make cross-compilation for the Hurd a bit more friendly

[PATCH] MI - add -i=<interpreter> when UI_OUT

[PATCH] MI - Add configury ...

[PATCH] MI - new directory gdb/mi/

[PATCH] MI - new testsuite directory gdb/testsuite/gdb.mi

[PATCH] MI - post comment

[PATCH] MI - when MI interface output additional status info

[PATCH] MI copyright tweeks

[PATCH] Minor change to gdb/doc/agentexpr.texi

[PATCH] minor fixes in remote.c

[PATCH] More fixes for the Hurd


[PATCH] New files for the IA-64 port

[Patch] option -noreloc in add-symbol-file (linux module debugging)

[PATCH] Patches to go32-nat.c

[PATCH] Patches to ser-go32.c

[PATCH] printcmd.c: Truncate output width of p/a and x/a if necessary

[PATCH] Provide `long double' support for most i386 targets

[PATCH] Re-indent maint.c

Re: [PATCH] remote_detach() and inferior_pid

[patch] remove GCC-ism from uw-thread.c

[PATCH] Replace ../include/wait.h with gdb_wait.h.

[PATCH] Restructuring i386-tdep.c:i386_extract_return_value()

[PATCH] revert win32-nat.c stack handling to working version

[PATCH] Revised: Allow struct compare in expressions.

Re: [PATCH] Running the inferior from breakpoint commands

[PATCH] Shared library fixes for GNU/Linux/PPC port

[PATCH] Shut up compiler warnings in ser-go32.c

[PATCH] skip_prologue() revisions in rs6000-tdep.c

[PATCH] Some compiler warnings removed

[PATCH] sparclite sim: make buffer_read_memory match prototype

[patch] Stop MI testsuite falling on its face

[PATCH] Support for building with DJGPP

[PATCH] symtab.h, symfile.h, symfile.c, and solib.c changes

[PATCH] update: minor fixes in remote.c

[PATCH] utils.c changes

[PATCH] Was: [FYI] include/dis-asm.h: read_memory_func signature changed

[PATCH]: add set/show debug, move gdb debugging flags into it

[PATCH]: Allow rank_one_type to see through reference types

[PATCH]: Allow struct compare in expressions.

Re: [Patch]: bugfix add-symbol-file address calculations

[PATCH]: DJGPP build and cleanup

[PATCH]: Fix varobj.c array element handling.

[PATCH]: minor fix for async

[PATCH]: minor tweak

[PATCH]: prototype decl in sol-thread.c

[PATCH]: swat a warning in cli-out.c

[PATCH]: swat a warning in solib.c

[PATCH]: swat warning in ui-file.c

[PATCH]: swat warnings in wrapper.c

[PATCH} maint.c remove quoted trailing space

[REPOST #2] patch: command deprecator

[REPOST] patch: command deprecator

[RFA] Avoid core dumping on corrupt stabs entry

[RFA] Demangled minsym hash table broken

[RFA] Deprecation fixes


[RFA] gdb/command.c, gdb/command.h: "help all"

[RFA]: Apropos patch

[RFA]: New set debug patch

[RFC] Better apropos patch

[RFC] Change so -W arnings match reality

[RFC] maint.c, move assignment to outside of IF expr

[RFC] Notes on QUIT and STREQ

[RFC] Patch to add apropos command

[RFC] qfThreadExtraInfo -> qThreadExtraInfo

[RFC]: internal_error should call target_terminal_ours

Re: [ set architecture sh2, causes core dump on latest build 20000305.]

[SIM] Change sim_trace() iface, add ``-o'' to run.c

[Withdrawn] Re: RFA: Patch to blockframe.c, frame.h, arm-tdep.c and fr30-tdep.c (prologue cache)

`long double' support for ix86 targets

Add support for WinCE toolchains

Another revised patch for dlclose

Re: ARM - RDI ethernet support

ARM patch -- extra info about cpsr register

Attempt at ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED patch

Beginnings of g++ RTTI support

Re: Buffering problems with "gdb < foo"

changes to gdb.texinfo

Clean up compiler warnings

Comments welcome (Was: Re: RFC: Patch to arm-tdep.c -- Register flavors)

config.guess, config.sub update

Re: copyright banner and reporting bugs

Re: cvs server: [09:25:59] waiting for anoncvs's lock in /cvs/src/src/gdb/rdi-share

cvs server: [09:25:59] waiting for anoncvs's lock in /cvs/src/src/gdb/rdi-share

Re: The definition for bfd_mach_sh4 is missing .

Deprecating commands; Was: RFC: patch for ...

dlclose support: first cut


Document FUNCTION_START_OFFSET in gdb/doc/gdbint.texinfo

Re: dwarf2 class handling patch

Even better C++ support coming soon, to a GDB near you

Fix for Linux/i386 signal trampolines

Fix Linux/i386 signal trampoline reconginition.

Fixes to auto-solib-add documentation.

funcargs.exp call3a and call3b tests

FYI, updated gdb/CONTRIBUTE link

g++ method patches?

Re: GDB 4.17 Patch for stack aligned i386 code

gdb 4.18 / libiberty bugfix

GDB 5 2000-03-29

GDB 5.0 2000-03-05

GDB assigns/disclaims

GDB Disclaimer

GDB manual

GDB manual and @smallbook

GDB manual changes

GDB patch for 167Bug

Re: gdb patch: problem in elfread.c

GDB-5 2000-03-03

gdb.texinfo broken?

gdb.texinfo: cosmetique

GDB_FILE -> struct ui_file cleanup

Generic g++ exception catch/throw support

glibc 2.1.3: elf_gregset_t

Handle_inferior_event() problem

HAVE_POLL is not enough

Re: HAVE_POLL is not enough - RFA

Heads up - Alpha ISO-C fixes

i386-linux-nat.c cleanup

Import of new config.guess?

Re: Incompatability between APCS and ATPCS

Initialization of hpux_threads

instruction trace file

ISO-C fixes in, please try

Linux sigtramp detection code moved to its proper place

Mainainer's vacations

make_cleanup_func elimination

MI code committed

MI updates

Mini patch

Minor patches for ARM Linux native port...

Move remote protocol doc to separate chapter?

New file gdb/CONTRIBUTE guidelins for the contributor

New files gdb-file.[hc] tui/tui-file.[hc]

new GDB soon?

A new patch for regex

A new revised patch for dlclose

Patch -- Floating point conversions

PATCH committed: mi-cmd-disas.c

PATCH corefiles reading on alpha-linux

Patch fallen through the cracks?

PATCH for alphaev56-dec-osf5.0: MERGEPID undefined

Patch for arm_push_arguments

patch for gdb.texinfo

A patch for gnu-regex

Patch for i386-linux-nat.c

A patch for ia32 hardware watchpoint.

Patch for RDI target code to allow user-specified devices

Patch for sim/common/cgen-par.[ch]

A patch for Solairis 2.7/x86.

Re: A patch for toplevel

Patch to arm-linux-nat.c...

Patch to arm-tdep.c -- Register flavors

Re: Patch to C++ nested class printing

Patch to change gdb's behavior for Makefile target 'diststuff'


Patch to fix thread support for Solaris x86

Patch to gdb.texinfo

patch to psim for denormal values

PATCH/RFA : m68k_find_saved_regs

PATCH/RFA : testsuite/gdb.base/call-ar-st.* portability

PATCH/RFA: regerror link error

Patch: `maint

Patch: breakpoint range doc patch

Patch: catch_errors() bug fixes and speedups

Patch: catch_errors() cleanup chain restore

patch: command deprecator

patch: convert gdbserver to autoconf, add netbsd/i386 support

patch: disassembly look

PATCH: GNU C extention in uw-thread.c

Patch: handle N_MAIN stab

PATCH: handle NAK packets sent by remote stub.

Re: Patch: hash tables for msymbols

Patch: java booleans

Patch: java tests

Patch: make "!" a command unconditionally

PATCH: printing elements of typedef'ed arrays

patch: regression: C++ overload

PATCH: remote stub store single register command error return value

PATCH: restore value of remote_timeout

PATCH: thread.c syntax fix

PATCH: update i386 port to use FRAME_INIT_SAVED_REGS()

Patches and the patch database...

Patches for ltconfig

Re: Patches to 19991116 snapshot for vendor compilers on AIX and OSF14.0

Patches to add i387 support to Solaris x86 platforms

Re: Patches to add i387 support to Solaris x86 platforms (withdrawn)

Patches to allow GDB to use NEW_PROC_API on Solaris x86

path for gdb/dwarf2read.c, support 16-bit targets in dwarf-2

Please ``withdraw'' patches

Please build using ...

problem in /gdb-20000202/include/coff/arm.h

problem with gdb.texinfo

Problem with gdb/objfiles.c and --with-mmalloc + fix

Re: Problems with hardware watchpoint on ia32.

RDI debugging

RDI log facility now interprets C Library packets

RDI over UDP: patch to fix the fetch_ports() function

Recommend directory update

regerror link error

regression analysis: gdb.sum postprocessing script

Re: Regression caused by elfread.c patch

Remaining GNU C isms.

Remove gdb.base/annota2.exp

A revised patch for dlclose

Re: revision: (patch) hpjyg20: symtab.c & related

RFA Replace gdb/TODO with issues50

RFA: breakpoint.c: Minor output fixes for hardware watchpoints

RFA: call-ar-st.exp, relax patterns

RFA: Deprecate remote protocol sequence-ID

RFA: Fix arguments passed to W_SETSTOP

RFA: Fix typo in linux-threads.c

RFA: gdbarch_free

RFA: handle sparse register sets in Insight register window

RFA: i386/, i386nbsd-nat.c

RFA: i386/tm-nsbd.h, i386/nm-nbsd.h

RFA: i386nbsd-nat.c, m68knbsd-nat.c: core dump support

RFA: Improved C++ type printing

RFA: infcmd.c: Add `info r' alias for `info registers'

RFA: infrun.c, breakpoint.c: Kludge for Solaris x86 hardware watchpoint support

RFA: linux-thread.c change (fixes hang on startup)

RFA: list which remote protocol commands are required

RFA: maint.c: Add `mt i' alias for `mt info'

RFA: minor watchpoint code cleanup

RFA: minsyms.c: Fixes for serious demangled hash minsym lookup flaws.

RFA: NetBSD/i386 core dump support

RFA: Patch to add "auto-evaluate" variables to varobj package.

RFA: Patch to blockframe.c, frame.h, arm-tdep.c and fr30-tdep.c (prologue cache)

RFA: patch to gdb.base/long_long.exp

RFA: patch to ignore C++ method conversion errors

RFA: Patches to and - varobj.c activation

RFA: procfs.c: init_procfs_ops should set procfs_ops.to_has_[all]_memory

RFA: procfs.c:proc_set_watchpoint bug fix

RFA: Prologue cache fix

RFA: put COERCE_FLOAT_TO_DOUBLE under gdbarch's control

RFA: set unwindonsignal (as promissed)

RFA: sim/arm/wrapper.c fix

RFA: solib.c: Clean fix to get rid of severe Solaris 2.7 sparc regressions

RFA: symfile.c: Fix for GDB crash when rereading symbols


RFA: unwindonsignal (REPOST)


RFA: utils.c changes for converting to/from DOUBLEST

RFC: Frame cache s not always available.

RFC: More fixes to insights ln -s

RFC: Patch to arm-tdep.c -- Register flavors

RFC: Patch to make "set remotebaud" and "-b" work for RDI targets

RFC: Serial port messages

RFC: Targets that do not call generic_mourn_inferior() ?

RFD: infrun.c: No bpstat_stop_status call after proceed over break ?

RFD: printcmd.c: Changing output width of p/a and x/a

Roll ChangeLog -> ChangeLog-99

ser-unix.c:do_unix_readchar() Don't timeout when told not to

set rewindonsignal

set unwindonsignal (REPOST)

Severe regression in corefile.exp with Solaris 2.7 sparc + hack

sim/arm/wrapper.c fix.

Small changes to gdb.texinfo

small patch to gdb.texinfo

Small testsuite fix

solib.c: minor cleanup

store_floating() and arm-tdep.c

Testsuite cleanup in gdb.c++/annota2.exp

thumb_skip_prologue too adventurous

Top level MAINTAINERS file

typo in annotate.texi

typo in gdb.texinfo

UI_OUT component of libGDB available

What happened to: [RFC] Move/Rename include/wait.h ("wait.h")

WinCE support for ARM, SH and MIPS

Withdrawn: Severe regression in corefile.exp with Solaris 2.7 sparc + hack

Yet another patch to gdb.texinfo

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