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Re: [PATCH] revert win32-nat.c stack handling to working version

Chris Faylor wrote:
> I added some "functionality" to win32-nat.c a while ago while under the
> mistaken impression that using the Microsoft stack-walking APIs would
> somehow provide more functionality than what was previously available in
> gdb.  Instead, I just broke things so that stack walking stopped after a
> few frames.
> The enclosed patch reverts gdb to its previous behavior and also adds an
> additional unrelated trap for illegal instructions, which was missing
> before (I know this should be a separate patch but...).

Seems like it would be helpful to add a comment in the sources somewhere
so that some future hacker won't go down the same fruitless path.  When
I first started hacking on GCC, I was impressed by the number of #if 0
chunks that were preceded by "you would think this would be the right
thing to do, but here's why it loses", along with the explanation.  You
wouldn't want to do this all the time, but this case seems worth


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