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Re: [PATCH] Fix texinfo problems...

Stan Shebs wrote:
> Andrew Cagney wrote:
> >
> > Hello,
> >
> > I've applied the attatched patch.  It probably isn't elegant and
> > probably isn't the best way of handling this :-/ However, after applying
> > it I'm able to use makeinfo versions 3.12, 3.12f and 4.0 :-)
> *Please* don't add the node links back!!  I went to some trouble to get
> rid of them all, because they make for an utter nightmare when you're
> trying to add new material.  They're only useful if you want to link
> nodes in some fashion other than that implied by the chapter/section
> structure, and as of yet I haven't heard anyone come up with a good
> rationale for linking in any other way.
> The replication of the TOC node with ifinfo and ifhtml is sufficient
> to make the manual generate correctly with three versions of texinfo,
> so I'm mystified as to why you think these other changes are necessary...

I'm sorry, but please _don't_ delete them until I've cut this 5.0 branch
:-) Without top level node entries I found that makeinfo 3.12 I was
using failed.  As soon as the branch goes through, you're encouraged to
strip them out, I'd expect the next relese to require makeinfo 4.0.

This is also why I moved the ``chapter'' and ``node'' entries from the
included *.texi files into gdb.texinfo.  It made it possible for me to
add correct entries for those included subjects.  (I discovered C-c C-u
C-e :-)

If there is a correct way, please fix.


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