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[PATCH] Allow mips64 code compiled with -mgp32 to be debuggable

The attached patch allows users to debug programs built for 64-bit MIPS
processors but with the processor set to 32-bit mode. With gcc this would be
specified with -mgp32. The thing that separates such programs from "normal"
32-bit programs is that they still have full use of the 64-bit floating
point registers.

This cannot be handled with the multi-arch code in GDB, as there is nothing
in the elf header that is set to indicate -mgp32 - it isn't an existing ABI.
With this patch, users can just do "set mips-force-32bit-saved-gpregs" and
everything works.

FYI, no current targets set MIPS_SAVED_REGSIZE right now, so changing the
name should be okay.

Let me know if this is okay. Thanks,


2000-03-24  Jonathan Larmour  <>

	* mips-tdep.c (MIPS_SAVED_REGSIZE): Replace with
	(MIPS_SAVED_REGSIZE): Allow overriding to 32bits if global
	mips_force_32bit_saved_regsize is set
	(mips_gdbarch_init): Default to MIPS_DEFAULT_SAVED_REGSIZE
	(_initialize_mips_tdep): Add new boolean set command

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"Plan to be spontaneous tomorrow."  ||  These opinions are all my own fault
Index: mips-tdep.c
RCS file: /cvs/src/src/gdb/mips-tdep.c,v
retrieving revision 1.2
diff -u -5 -p -r1.2 mips-tdep.c
--- mips-tdep.c	2000/02/22 19:17:27	1.2
+++ mips-tdep.c	2000/03/24 08:52:43
@@ -61,13 +61,16 @@ enum mips_fpu_type
 static int mips_fpu_type_auto = 1;
 static enum mips_fpu_type mips_fpu_type = MIPS_DEFAULT_FPU_TYPE;
 #define MIPS_FPU_TYPE mips_fpu_type
+static int mips_force_32bit_saved_regsize;
+#define MIPS_SAVED_REGSIZE (mips_force_32bit_saved_regsize != 0 ? 4 : \
 /* Do not use "TARGET_IS_MIPS64" to test the size of floating point registers */
@@ -107,11 +110,12 @@ struct gdbarch_tdep
 #define MIPS_FPU_TYPE (gdbarch_tdep (current_gdbarch)->mips_fpu_type)
-#define MIPS_SAVED_REGSIZE (gdbarch_tdep (current_gdbarch)->mips_saved_regsize)
+#define MIPS_SAVED_REGSIZE (mips_force_32bit_saved_regsize != 0 ? 4 : \
+			    gdbarch_tdep (current_gdbarch)->mips_saved_regsize)
 /* Indicate that the ABI makes use of double-precision registers
    provided by the FPU (rather than combining pairs of registers to
    form double-precision values).  Do not use "TARGET_IS_MIPS64" to
@@ -3742,11 +3746,11 @@ mips_gdbarch_init (info, arches)
       set_gdbarch_long_long_bit (gdbarch, 64);
       ef_mips_abi = "default";
       tdep->mips_eabi = 0;
-      tdep->mips_saved_regsize = MIPS_REGSIZE;
+      tdep->mips_saved_regsize = MIPS_DEFAULT_SAVED_REGSIZE;
       tdep->mips_fp_register_double = (REGISTER_VIRTUAL_SIZE (FP0_REGNUM) == 8);
       set_gdbarch_long_bit (gdbarch, 32);
       set_gdbarch_ptr_bit (gdbarch, 32);
       set_gdbarch_long_long_bit (gdbarch, 64);
@@ -3989,8 +3993,21 @@ Without an argument, zeroing of upper ad
 				  (char *)&mips64_transfers_32bit_regs_p, "\
 Set compatibility with MIPS targets that transfers 32 and 64 bit quantities.\n\
 Use \"on\" to enable backward compatibility with older MIPS 64 GDB+target\n\
 that would transfer 32 bits for some registers (e.g. SR, FSR) and\n\
 64 bits for others.  Use \"off\" to disable compatibility mode",
+				  &setlist),
+		     &showlist);
+  /* Allow the user to override the saved register size. */
+  add_show_from_set (add_set_cmd ("mips-force-32bit-saved-gpregs",
+				  class_obscure,
+				  var_boolean,
+				  (char *)&mips_force_32bit_saved_regsize, "\
+Set whether the size of general purpose registers saved on the stack is 32bits.\n\
+This option would be set to \"on\" on a 64bit MIPS target when using a program\n\
+compiled for 32bit general purpose registers, such as when using\n\
+\"-mgp32\" with gcc.  Use \"off\" to use the default saved register size for\n\
+this target.",

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