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Re: [PATCH] "info threads" queries for remote.c

Michael Snyder wrote:
> I've checked in the attached patch to remote.c; it cleans up some
> previous remote protocol code for asking the target for a list of
> active threads, and adds a new (optional) query to ask the target
> for a descriptive string for each thread.
> The idea for this descriptive string is that the target OS can give
> any info that the target implementer thinks is important (thread
> attributes, name, state, etc.) and GDB will print the string in the
> "info threads" display.
> For the thread id query, since we can't know in advance whether the
> thread list will fit into a single packet, the query is designed to
> be iterative.  GDB will keep asking until the target says "no more".

> + /* Should we try the 'ThreadInfo' query packet?
> +
> +    This variable (NOT available to the user: auto-detect only!)
> +    determines whether GDB will use the new, simpler "ThreadInfo"
> +    query or the older, more complex syntax for thread queries.
> +    This is an auto-detect variable (set to true at each connect,
> +    and set to false when the target fails to recognize it).  */
> +
> + static int use_threadinfo_query;
> + static int use_threadextra_query;
> +


I'll need to rewrite this so that the remote ``set remote ...-packet''
commands can be used to override the auto-configure defaults.

We're guarenteed to encounter targets that either have broken
implementations or implementations that mis-respond to such a request.


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