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Re: [PATCH]: add set/show debug, move gdb debugging flags into it

Eli Zaretskii wrote:
> > Are you saying i should write docs for the commands?
> Yes.  Or at least Someone(tm) should.
> I consider the lack of any documentation for the commands you replaced
> to be part of the same bug that you were fixing.

Agree completely.

> Even a simple one-liner that mentions the command's existence, with a
> @cindex entry to make it easy to find, is infinitely better than no
> documentation at all, because the latter doesn't leave the user any
> reasonable way of finding out that the commands exist.

Yes.  While in theory GDB's online help will eventually find you the
documentation for a command, its organization means that you have to
do a bunch of thumbing around to find something (and it was a *real*
pain before things got alphabetized!).

Online also doesn't work if the command is configuration-specific
and not in your configuration - you would be led to the conclusion
that the command didn't exist, and could only find out otherwise
by doing a mass search through the sources.  Sad, very sad...


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