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Re: [PATCH] GDB command-line switches and annotations docs

Eli Zaretskii wrote:
> Here are patches to gdb.texinfo and annotate.texi which add indexing
> to command-line switches, document some switches that were not in the
> manual, and make annotate.texi part of GDB manual.

I only have one suggestion to add to what others have already commented
on; this should be positioned after the chapter on using readline, and
before all the appendices.  As it stands, the TOC might look a bit
strange, with a regular chapter after the last appendix and just before
the index.  Alternatively, it could be an appendix (using @appendix)
but appendices seem better for meta-issues like installation, so I'd
rather see it be a chapter.  (Yes, that suggests that the Using History
Interactively appendix should be a chapter instead, which I would
like to do too.)

Thanks for doing this!  I love it when other people do my job... :-)

> (Are there plans to make gdbmi.texi be part of the manual as well?)

I'd like to see it go in there sooner rather than later too.  Otherwise
you're introducing discrepancies between the manual and the documentation,
and everybody is confused - witness the lack of doc for the tracing
commands still, some two years after they were added...


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