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Re: store_floating() and arm-tdep.c

> Scott Bambrough wrote:
> >
> > I've been running tests on the ARM Linux target on a NetWinder regularly.  The
> > results of the testsuite follow.  Most of the problems are due to no
> > linuxthreads support and problems stepping in/out or backtracing in signal
> > handlers.  I'll work at implementing support for these over time.  I was hoping
> > to port the x86 work, but just haven't had the time.
Michael Snyder wrote:
> Hmm, the new thread_db module should be pretty
> target-independent (correct me if I'm wrong).

Ok.  I attempted to put the linuxthreads support in last night.  It was
relatively painless, but I have reached a stumbling block with glibc 2.1.2.  In
gdb_proc_service.h there are the following two definitions:

typedef gregset_t  prgregset_t;         /* BOGUS BOGUS BOGUS */

typedef fpregset_t prfpregset_t;        /* BOGUS BOGUS BOGUS */

The BOGUS comments are accurate.  Neither gregset_t or fpregset_t are defined in
<sys/procfs.h>.  prgregset_t and prfpregset_t are also used in gdb_threads_db.h
as well without checking the defines from config.h.  I'm trying this on 2.1.3
ATM, but for the most part, the installed base of users is using 2.1.2 on ARM
Linux.  Any thoughts on how I could get around this?


Scott Bambrough - Software Engineer

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