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Re: path for gdb/dwarf2read.c, support 16-bit targets in dwarf-2


Andrew Cagney wrote:
> As for the change:
> > -  address_significant_size = get_elf_backend_data (abfd)->s->arch_size / 8;
> > +  address_significant_size = bfd_arch_bits_per_address (abfd) / 8;
> I'm not so sure.  Does bfd_arch_bits_per_address() return 16 while the
> elf data arch_size indicate something else (elf32 vs elf16?)
> I've attatched some references to when a similar problem was discussed
> for a 64 bit target with 32 bit ELF binaries.
> Jim?
>         Andrew

It returns the value held by the cpu-* bfd_arch_info_type structure:

  return abfd->arch_info->bits_per_address;

So, it's not related to the ELF format but really concerns the CPU address.
The mips architecture is able to return either 32 or 64 depending on
the CPU flavor.

From: Andrew Cagney <ac131313 at cygnus dot com>:
> Is there a way of determining if an object file is 32 or 64 bit?  (eg
> elf32/elf64, aout32 vs aout64).
> Perhaphs bfd_arch_bits_per_address(ABFD) is correct?
I think it's not correct but you should rather do:

	get_elf_backend_data (abfd)->s->arch_size

elf16 is not a good idea. I think we must not mix the size of cpu
address with the format of ELF files. The ELF file can be larger than
64K and we might need indexes larger than 16-bit.


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