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Re: patch: disassembly look

Fernando Nasser wrote:
> Hi David,
> This is really cool.  I am not sure who the maintainer is but I guess
> he/she will approve (I hope).

Well Fernando, you're partially on the hook.  This is to do with the
command line :-)

> But *please*, make the default to plain asm, will you?  This will make
> sure that the GUIs that still use console output won't break (who knows
> how many are still out there).
> Also, you should consider adding a patch to the manual as well.  This is
> a cool feature and if you include it in there I am certain there will be
> very grateful users of you changes pretty soon :-)

In terms of a change.  Yes, DDD would (unfortunatly) freak out if
presented with this change as it currently stands.  It should default to
the old style.

At a more technical level, what happens if the patch as it stands,
encounters re-ordered (randomly ordered) instructions.  Does (should?)
your code print a source line multiple times in that case?  Have a look
at how GDB/MI and GDBtk handled that problem (ok so you can't see gdbmi
just yet).


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