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Re: [PATCH] compile for ARM in rdi-share under 4.4BSD

Sorry for the delay Thomas.  It should be in the repository early next

Thanks for the patches.


Thomas Zenker wrote:
> Hi,
> here are 3 small changes I propose to apply to the rdi library in
> gdb/rdi-share:
>         1. hsys.c: to compile under 4.4BSD derived systems (FreeBSD,
>            NetBSD...) sys_errlist should not be declared in hsys.c.
>            NEED_SYSERRLIST is set already by configure, so we can
>            use it.
>         2. unixcomm.c: 4.4BSD derived systems define BSD, but are
>            posix compliant and we should not work with the old
>            compatibility stuff.  Because of that I undef BSD in
>            case of FBSD etc and include sys/ioctl to get the flags.
>         3. unixcomm.c: if the TIOCEXCL flags exists set serial line
>            for exclusive use.
> These patches are against CVS archive of today.
> -- Thomas Zenker
>    c/o Lennartz electronic GmbH
>    Bismarckstrasse 136, D-72072 Tuebingen, Germany
>    Phone:  +49-(0)7071-93550
>    Email:
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                Name: patch
>    patch       Type: Plain Text (text/plain)
>         Description: patch in gdb/rdi-share

Fernando Nasser
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