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Re: RFC: Patch to arm-tdep.c -- Register flavors

> Hi Scott,
> : I think the default register names should be set by the port.  Most Linux users
> : don't use the APCS/ATPCS register names.  I don't find them intuitive at all
> : myself.
> On the other hand, Cygnus customers have complained about the lack of
> A{T}PCS compliant register naming schemes and this patch is part of
> the work that was done to make them happy.

On the other hand, coming from a RISC iX/NetBSD background I've never used 
the A{T}PCS names, and I object to having them imposed on me by default 
(mainly because it means that the names keep changing).  I don't mind 
having an option to change them but I do think that a particular flavour 
of the ARM debugger should be able to select which default we see.

Further, why have several of the register names recently been made upper 
case?  They never used to be.

And finally, the ps register name is wrong, especially in the A{T}PCS area 
but also more generally; the name is "cpsr" in all ARM documentation (the 
"ps" name comes from when the processor flags weren't really a separate 
register -- they were in the unused parts of r15 -- so there was no name).


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