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Re: RFC: Patch to arm-tdep.c -- Register flavors

Fernando Nasser wrote:
> ChageLog: This patch allows the user to choose between any of the
> flavors available for the disassembly to be used in the "info reg"
> command and elsewhere in gdb.  It prevents having to maintain this
> information in two places by using the data kept in the opcodes
> directory.

With regard to the argumet to set dissassembly-flavour commands,
is there anything generic in either BFD or opcodes that can be used to
determine the names?

The argument to ``set architecture'' is determined by BFD.  If an
equivalent is available for this register/opcode stuff then I think
there would be a greater chance of consistency between the different

Also are the functions:

> ! /* From opcodes/arm-dis.c */
> !
> ! extern int get_arm_regname_num_options (void);
> !
> ! extern int set_arm_regname_option (int option);
> ! extern int get_arm_regnames (int option, const char **setname,
> !                            const char **setdescription,
> !                            const char ***regnames);

available in a header file (Nick?).  That would indicate an ongoing
committment, on the part of the opcode maintainers, to support these


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