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Stan Shebs is leaving Cygnus

Yes, I'm resigning from Cygnus; my last day in the office is tomorrow,
1999-12-23. Yes, this is rather sudden!  The reasons are a little
complicated and I don't want to "overshare" :-), so suffice it to say
that my personal stock situation makes it advisable for me not to be a
Cygnus employee when the Red Hat merger is completed.

The timing is somewhat unfortunate, because I'm still completely
enthusiastic about Cygnus, Red Hat, GDB, GNU, etc, and our little
community's future prospects look brighter than they ever have before.
In fact, once my financial situation allows, I would very much like to
go to work at Red Hat!

In the meantime, I intend to continue working on GDB and to continue
maintaining parts of it, while spreading more of my tasks around to
other people.  RMS has a steering committee proposal that he should be
posting soon, and that will be a good first step in this direction.
The committee can then decide whether it would prefer GDB to keep the
status quo of a single maintainer coordinating sub-maintainers, or to
be more anarchic with no single technical decisionmaker, a la GCC.  In
any case, I'm still planning to serve on this committee.

My temporary mail address will be, at least until I
pick a cool domain name for my new consulting business. :-) Also, from
25 Dec to 8 Jan, I'm going to be savoring margaritas in the tropics,
and incommunicado during the entire time.  After that, however, I will
be available for tools consulting and contract work.


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