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getting patches organized

As folks have probably figured out, I'm beginning to have a hard time
keeping track of the patches that I'm responsible for reviewing, which
patches I have reviewed, whether the submitter has gotten back to me
about my comments, etc.

This situation is worsened when some urgent issue appears on some
Cygnus project I'm responsible for, and I have to focus on that for a
few weeks.  When I come back, it's difficult for me to recover all the
state I'd built up before I was drawn away.

It's been suggested that we could use a bug-tracking system like GNATS
or Bugzilla as a patch-tracking system.  We'd change the status values
to some set like "Awaiting-Review", "Awaiting-Revision", "Approved",
"Applied", "Rejected", "Withdrawn", or whatever.

The only system I'm really familiar with is GNATS.  GNATS can
automatically stash E-mail conversation related to a patch in the
patch record ("PR"), which is exactly what we want.  It's got web
interfaces, a decent query ability, and so on.  So I think it would
work great.

What would the folks on this list who are actually submitting patches
want from such a system?  Certainly all the data would be public.
What else should we worry about?

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