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Re: Move symfile.c:generic_load()? Was: RFA: patch to remote.c for larger download packet support (part 1)

Stan Shebs wrote:
>    Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 17:31:41 +1000
>    From: Andrew Cagney <>
>    Before I start on that patch (generic_load needs serious surgery) I'm
>    wondering if the entire function hould simply be moved to remote.c or
>    target.c, remote-load.c, generic-load.c, remote-utils.c?

> I contemplated this once upon a time, and decided to leave it where it
> is.  It's certainly not appropriate for remote.c because it's used
> with many different protocols, remote-utils.c is a bunch of old junk
> that ought to be deleted, target.c is really for target vector
> manipulation, not random code.  generic_load is nearly unique in that
> it is a file-manipulating function that does not use symbolic info,
> but it's just one function and not even that complicated, so why
> bother to create a new file just for it?

Good - I'm not the only one looking at remote-utils.c and wondering what
it is for :-)  I could always empty remote-utils and then re-fill it
with generic_load :-)

The underlying reason for wanting to move it is that, as part of the
cleanup, several new ``set ...'' variables will be added:

	o	generic chunk size

		For a cap on the size of each

		Value > 0 caps the size of each
		transfer (in bytes) when downloading
		a program.

		Value <= 0 results in downloads
		attempts to download entire sections
		in single hits.

		Actual download packet size being affected
		by things like protocol limitations and
		of course the dcache.

	o	verify download

		To, at run time, enable/disable
		the verification of a download.

The code for those commands is begging to _not_ be put in a symbol file

> When you've worked out the names and properties of the user-settable
> variables, it would be useful to send that by so people can see if
> there are enough hooks to make it work with their systems.

I'm open to suggestions:

	``set remote download-chunk-size N''
	``set remote download-veriry [0/1]''

	``set download chunk-size''
	``set download verify''



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