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src/gdb ChangeLog breakpoint.c breakpoint.h du ...

CVSROOT:	/cvs/src
Module name:	src
Changes by:	2012-06-18 17:28:39

Modified files:
	gdb            : ChangeLog breakpoint.c breakpoint.h 
	                 dummy-frame.c dummy-frame.h gdbthread.h 
	                 infcall.c infrun.c 
	gdb/testsuite  : ChangeLog 
	gdb/testsuite/gdb.base: call-signal-resume.exp 
Added files:
	gdb/testsuite/gdb.base: stale-infcall.c stale-infcall.exp 

Log message:
	Remove stale dummy frames.
	* breakpoint.c: Include dummy-frame.h.
	(longjmp_breakpoint_ops): New variable.
	(update_breakpoints_after_exec, breakpoint_init_inferior): Delete also
	(bpstat_what, bptype_string, print_one_breakpoint_location)
	(init_bp_location): Support bp_longjmp_call_dummy.
	(set_longjmp_breakpoint): Use longjmp_breakpoint_ops.  Comment why.
	(check_longjmp_breakpoint_for_call_dummy, longjmp_bkpt_dtor): New
	(initialize_breakpoint_ops): Initialize longjmp_breakpoint_ops.
	* breakpoint.h (enum bptype): New item bp_longjmp_call_dummy.  Delete
	FIXME comment and extend the other comment for bp_call_dummy.
	(check_longjmp_breakpoint_for_call_dummy): New declarations.
	* dummy-frame.c: Include gdbthread.h.
	(pop_dummy_frame_bpt): New function.
	(pop_dummy_frame): Call pop_dummy_frame_bpt.
	(dummy_frame_discard): New function.
	(cleanup_dummy_frames): Update the comment about longjmps.
	* dummy-frame.h (dummy_frame_discard): New declaration.
	* gdbthread.h (struct thread_info): Extend initiating_frame comment.
	* infcall.c (call_function_by_hand): New variable longjmp_b.  Call
	set_longjmp_breakpoint_for_call_dummy.  Chain its breakpoints with BPT.
	* infrun.c (handle_inferior_event) <BPSTAT_WHAT_CLEAR_LONGJMP_RESUME>:
	Add case 4 comment.  Call check_longjmp_breakpoint_for_call_dummy and
	keep_going if IS_LONGJMP and there is no other reason to stop.
	Remove stale dummy frames.
	* gdb.base/call-signal-resume.exp (maintenance print dummy-frames)
	(maintenance info breakpoints): New tests.
	* gdb.base/stale-infcall.c: New file.
	* gdb.base/stale-infcall.exp: New file.


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