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Re: One patch to fix the TestX8664Modify case and merge Test<ISA>Modify into one case.

there's nothing wrong here, and nicely done. Going forward, I'd not hold back and just commit these re-org changes that let you add the PPC64 variant of the test.

Yong Zheng wrote:

In frysk-core, there are two platform specific test cases: and As for the
TestX8664Modify, we submitted one patch to fix the problems in it, which
can be read here:

In this patch, all modifications mentioned above are included, and one
new PPC64 specific case TestPPC64Modify is added. Just as Andrew said,
it's better to merge all Test<ISA>Regs into one case. So we do the same
to Test<ISA>Modify cases.

2006-09-04 Yong Zheng <>

* frysk-core/ Add funit-ppc64-modify test program. * frysk-core/frysk/proc/ New file to add
PPC64 specific case and merge Test<ISA>Modify into one case.

* frysk-core/frysk/pkglibexecdir/funit-ppc64-modify.S: New PPC64
specific program
* frysk-core/frysk/pkglibexecdir/funit-x8664-modify.S: Correct
the syscall number on X8664 and do some modifications to keep
synch with TestRegMemModify.

Rebuild frysk based on the cvs head(09-04) and tested. Please review it. And if no any objection, we will check it in later.

Best regards
Yong Zheng

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