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Re: Patch: StackFrame.toString()

On Mon, 2006-09-18 at 18:26 -0600, Tom Tromey wrote:
> In particular getSourceFile() will never return null now -- instead
> sourceFile is set to "<Unknown file>" in the constructor.  I think the
> previous behavior is preferable -- now there is no good way to tell
> whether the stack frame's source file is known.  I didn't see anything
> depending on this, so I changed it back.


> Before I check this in (assuming it blessed of course) I wanted to ask
> about all the new accessors in StackFrame.  Any word on what their
> boundary values are?  Will startLine == lineNum always be true?  (And
> if so, how about we get rid of one of them entirely?)  What are the
> startOffset and endOffset fields for?

These members were taken straight out of CurrentLineSection with the
intention of removing that class entirely, along with a couple others. I
believe that the original use for startOffset and endOffset are the
offsets to the beginning and end of the function in memory from that
frame's last executed address, but I don't think that they were ever set
in CurrentLineSection anyway. Once #3192 gets resolved, I can figure out
whether these new fields are actually needed, but I'm not optimistic
about it =)

- Mike

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