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Re: Core Exception Throwing and Handling

Phil Muldoon wrote:
I thought I'd start this conversation going. It's been an action item for awhile.
There are two issues here, and I think it is important to consider each separately:

1) the first is a core panic, which from the UI point-of-view is asynchronous and fatal
The only technical point worth debating here is how to get the core to cleanly extract itself from the tasks it;s controlling; and perhaps should the core be started a-new.

2) a failure during a synchronous I/O operation (such as fetch a register) which could either be a table-lookup failure or (rarely) kernel spontaneously disappeared a task

I gather it is the second one that is of concern here. While more meaningful exceptions would be useful here, for the specific case at hand I think, as Yao pointed out, that the correct thing is to _not_ throw an exception. A target program having a bogus syscall num should not lead to any exception being thrown - from frysk's point-of-view a bogus syscall num is just as valid as a correct num.


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