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Re: [patch] System call for multi-architecture

On Wed, Sep 13, 2006 at 08:39:42PM +0200, Tim Moore wrote:
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> Andrew Cagney wrote:
> > Yao, this is good, and a great jump forward.  Thanks!
> > One political nit, can you use the name x86_64, instead of em64t or
> > emt64 or amd64 for the 64-bit ISA that is an extension of  ia32?
> > Andrew
> > 
> I'll do the syscall list for 32bit IA32 on x86_64. I can also take on
> changing emt64 to something more palatable, given that I made the
> unfortunate choice in the first place :)
Hi, Tim,
I start to consider something about 32bit on 64bit platforms.  Could
you explain "do the syscall list for 32bit IA32 on x86_64"?  Do you
mean set up a *new* syscall list for 32bit IA32 on x86_64?

ppc32 has the same syscall list as ppc64, so I add for both, and it is easier to do bi-arch on
PowerPC w.r.t Syscall.  As this patch has been checked in, the
syscallList(target specific) could be returned via isa type of that
task, when a 32-bit(ia32) program running on x86_64, syscallList for
Ia32 could be indexed by its syscall number.

> Tim
Yao Qi

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