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minutes 20060912

  Dogtail builds on FC6 but doesn't run due to the frame buffer 
  changes not being pushed yet.  Added tests but not checked in yet due
  to playback bug
 Progress on mind numbing script to walk the gui.
  Hard part is how to handle changes to the gui.
  Traveling salesman problem?
 Dogtail bugs: 
FC5/FC6 testing
 Discussion on event loop semantics and the logistics of catching errors
 in waitpid
 Not working completely correct for backtracing
 Might be able to do backtrace from system call
 Some upstream discussion, meanwhile also doing in-house parallel work
 Most issues addressed
 Need 32 on 64 testing.  This might require infrastructure changes.
 Upstream discussion of the syscall list continues
 Procedure to do coverage analysis for frysk is now documented.
 Can set breakpoints by address.
 Discussion of where to hook into this functionality: command level, 
 ftrace, gui (probably only want high level breakpoints here)
Event Viewer
 Progress continues on complex scrollbar.  For example the google 
 finance widget which gives an overall view.
 Discussion of time: absolute versus delta from a known event time.
Java Gnome
 No change
 Similar to memory window just a different view and emphasis

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