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Re: Stacktraces in the SourceWindow

On Thu, 2006-09-07 at 17:26 -0500, Phil Muldoon wrote:
> Awesome! It looks good. Nice to see the bits coming together after a lot 
> of hard work!

Yes, this is nice to see.

> <bluesky>
> If we could store the stack-trace saying during a syscall, we could 
> print to the log window what function the thread was in when the syscall 
> entered, as well as all the usual information. We could code up a GTK 
> method to make the function click-able in the monitor log, and then it 
> would open a source window showing the code context of where the syscall 
> happened. If we stored the whole stacktrace for each log event in the 
> ui, we could even show the user how it got to that point in the code. We 
> 'd have to have a circular buffer though, and eventually stack traces 
> would be discarded as memory demands dictate.
> </bluesky>

Nice. That does probably slow down programs we are tracing even more
though. So it should probably not be on by default. You also need to
think about libraries that might be loaded/unloaded dynamically. How
would that interact with the stacktraces? It means that at a later time
the original stacktrace might not be valid, or that it might not be
possible to find the actual code back.

Another bluesky idea. Seeing the stack trace addresses I thought it
would be nice if anywhere in the gui where you have a code address you
could simple add a CodeObserver by right-clicking, or some other
mechanism to the current Task or the whole Process. That way you can
quickly start with breakpointing in the gui and don't have to do any
code/line/address conversions (yet).



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