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Re: [htdocs patch] Build 64-bit frysk on PPC64

On Sep  5, 2006, Mark Wielaard <> wrote:

> On Tue, 2006-09-05 at 10:42 +0800, Yao Qi wrote:
>> It is a little different on PPC64 to build a 64-bit frysk.  This patch
>> adds some instructions for building 64-bit frysk on
>> htdocs/build/index.html.
>> [...]
>> +$ ( export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/lib64/pkgconfig )
>> +$ ( mkdir build && cd build )
>> +$ ( CC='gcc -m64' GCJ='gcj -m64' GCJLINK='gcj -m64' CXX='g++ -m64' ../frysk/ )

> The idea seems to be that we always want a 64 bit version of frysk when
> we are on ppc64 (and 32bit ppc isn't supported atm it seems). So doesn't
> it make more sense to adapt autogen to recognizes this and put in the
> right flags by default? Then the user doesn't need to remember any
> special flags while building.

This is generally not something for autogen or the package's own build
machinery, but rather for the RPM build machinery.  The reason is that
the package itself should do build as closely as possible to what the
user asks, without making surprising changes behind the user's back.
There are presumably ppc systems that don't include 64-bit support,
libraries, etc, so it would just break the build to try to default to
that, especially if the system itself claims to be ppc not ppc64.

Alexandre Oliva
Secretary for FSF Latin America
Red Hat Compiler Engineer   aoliva@{,}
Free Software Evangelist  oliva@{,}

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