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Re: remote dwarf info using libunwind

Alexandre> Yes, sorry.  I failed to refresh the patch file after
Alexandre> renaming the method.  I'm not sure whether I missed any
Alexandre> other change, so here's the patch generated out of what I
Alexandre> actually tested.

I updated, applied this and built frysk.  I'm using x86 FC5.  Then I tried
my 'fdtrace' program.

I get somewhat weird results:

    opsy. ./frysk-core/frysk/bindir/fdtrace ../Closer
    bad close() call at:
    val = frysk.rt.StackFrame@157de0; in function:  (Unknown file at line 0)
    val = frysk.rt.StackFrame@157db0; in function:  (Unknown file at line 0)
    val = frysk.rt.StackFrame@157d80; in function:  (Unknown file at line 0)

This is an improvement since stack tracing used to just crash.  And it
is clearly doing something correctly, because that looks like a
reasonable number of stack frames.

But, it isn't finding the function name, file name, or line number

I've appended it is just a naively hacked copy of
ftrace.  'Closer' is just a program that does a sequence of invalid

    #include <unistd.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main() {
      return 0;



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