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Re: build on ppc, not only ppc64

Hi Stepan,

Stepan Kasal wrote:
  are there any plans to build frysk on 32bit ppc?

We can build frysk ok on ppc64 as a 32-bit binary. But our intention is for a 64-bit frysk to debug 32-bit and 64-bit application at the same time. So we don't do that. We are building frysk in 64-bit mode on ppc64 right now.

For 32bit ppc machines, we don't have plan to build frysk on them right now. We are mainly working on ppc64 platforms. To make frysk build on ppc, libunwind stubs are needed. I guess that is enough, but not very sure. Maybe you can have a try. :-)

If frysk is available on 32bit ppc, I am also not sure how to support frysk on them.

- Wu Zhou

Background: As you know, there is only one ISO for ppc Fedora, which is used both on 32bit and 64bit machines.

I verified that the daily build of the tree for the ISO contains all
java-gnome packaged for ppc64.

But when I submitted a request to add ppc64 version of frysk, I was
asked why there is no build for 32bit ppc machines.

Can this be done?  I can try to make ppc stubs for libunwind from the
ppc64 ones, would that be enough?

	Stepan Kasal

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