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Console command, frysk interaction and more

The console is launched via the monitor UI of Frysk. Consequently when you open the console, you will get a CLI.

When I type help in the console I get:

(frysk) help
alias - Create or view user-define commands.
defset - Define a named proc/task set.
focus - Change current set.
set - Change or view a debugger variable.
unalias - Create or view user-define commands.
undefset - Undefine a named proc/task set.
unset - Revert variable value to default.
viewset - List members of a proc/task set.
whichsets - List all user-defined set to which a proc/task belongs.
assign Lhs Expression
print Expression
what Lhs

Can someone define what *set commands are.

As the current incarnation of the console is launched via the monitor, and the monitor uses direct library APIs to manipulate the Frysk core, I worry the right-hand, left-hand effect is going on here. Some questions to kick of the conversation:

Is a set a session? If I change a set will it change a session? Is the set api calling the session api?

If I (sometime down the line) set an observer via the console, will it be reflected in the monitor, and vice versa. Right now they aren't.

Should the console stand apart as two separate and unique tools?

Lets kick off the discussion



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