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Re: fc6/development packages status

On Wed, Aug 30, 2006 at 11:11:18AM +0200, Mark Wielaard wrote:
> Hi,
> I saw new frysk and kernel packages for fc6/test so I tried them out.
> kernel-2.6.17-1.2597.fc6 and frysk-
Hi, Mark,
How could you "see" frysk and kernel packages for fc6/test?  Could you
post the URL that we could have a look?  Thanks!
> The good news is that my machine doesn't crash anymore, which it did
> with older kernels when running the frysk testsuite. And I am no longer
> observing the "ghost" results mentioned in bug #3121.
> The bad new is that there are still lots of failures with this
> combination and the testsuite hangs in the middle of one test.
> Below is the tail of a the output of /usr/libexec/frysk/funit
> Cheers,
> Mark

> Running testGetDie(lib.dw.tests.TestDwfl) ...FAIL
>   junit.framework.AssertionFailedError
> Running testCore(lib.elf.tests.TestElf) ...ERROR
>   lib.elf.ElfFileException: Could not open /builddir/build/BUILD/frysk- for reading
This may be caused by this,

  public void testCore () throws ElfException, ElfFileException
    Elf testElf = new Elf(Build.ABS_BUILDDIR +"/lib/elf/tests/test-core",

I do not know to much about other failures, and I am not sure what is
the result of frysk rpm package for ppc64, if any.

Yao Qi

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