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Re: bi-arch test patch for 64-bit frysk

Wu Zhou wrote:
Yong Zheng wrote:

The followings are some difference between the test results of cases in
64-bit mode and in 32-bit mode on 64-bit frysk.

All tests are based on the cvs head(08-24).

On X86_64, the following cases fail in 32-bit mode but pass in 64-bit
mode on 64-bit frysk:

1)testGetAuxv(frysk.proc.TestProcGet)java.lang.RuntimeException: unknown
word size for auxv (1|32l|64l|32b|64b 10000)
   at frysk.sys.proc.AuxvBuilder.construct(TestRunner)

on ppc64, testGetAuxv fails in 32-bit testcase because there are three AT_NULL at the end of aux vectors, which might be actually ok (because I don't see any nagative impact it can bring up). I don't know what is the situation in x86_64.

This is interesting, the lower level frysk-sys/frysk/sys/proc/ contains:

    * Check that an AUXV taken from a 32-bit PowerPC program running
    * on a 64-bit PowerPC machine (PPC970, altivec supported) can be
    * parsed.

so it is attempting to test the case you describe, or at least based on the AUXV I extracted from an older kernel. You're saying that the tail end of the AUXV is now different? If it is then perhaps that lower level test should be augmented to also include the AUXV buffer that you're seeing.


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