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Re: Test results on PPC64(08/25/2006, frysk-gui).

On Thu, Aug 24, 2006 at 09:30:29PM -0500, Phil Muldoon wrote:
> I'm not sure what kernel version this is? And was it a headless box?
I rebuilt frysk with cvs head, and all cases passed.

[qiyao@plinuxt18 frysk-gui]$ ./TestRunner
Running testAddingRemovingActions(frysk.gui.test.TestActionManager) ...PASS
Running testAddingRemovingFilters(frysk.gui.test.TestFilterManager) ...PASS
Running testGladeLoading(frysk.gui.test.TestGlade) ...GTK Accessibility Module initialized PASS
Running testIconManagerLoad(frysk.gui.test.TestIconManager) ...PASS
Running testIconManagerGetFactory(frysk.gui.test.TestIconManager) ...PASS
Running testIconLookups(frysk.gui.test.TestIconManager) ...PASS
Running testSaveLoad(frysk.gui.test.TestObserverSaveLoad) ...PASS
Running testFilterPointSaveLoad(frysk.gui.test.TestObserverSaveLoad) ...PASS
Running testActionPointSaveLoad(frysk.gui.test.TestObserverSaveLoad) ...PASS
Running testExport(frysk.gui.test.TestObserverSaveLoad) ...PASS 
Running testPrototypeCopying(frysk.gui.test.TestPrototypeCopying) ...PASS
Running testSaveLoad(frysk.gui.test.TestSessionSaveLoad) ...PASS
Running testSaveLoad(frysk.gui.test.TestTagsetSaveLoad) ...PASS

Time: 1.865

OK (13 tests)


Yao Qi

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