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dwarf_get_cie_* and dwarf_get_fde_* in elfutils

When do some experiments to do libunwind java binding, I find that the
information about cie and fde is needed for libunwind java bindings to
set the arguments about cie and fde to libunwind internal function.

Current elfutils could not get the information about cie and fde, but
the NEWS said that functions for cie/fde was implemented, like this,

Version 0.9:

Implement dwarf_get_fde_list_eh(), dwarf_get_cie_of_fde(),
dwarf_get_fde_range(), dwarf_get_cie_info(),
and tests for them.

I do not know why and when these functions were removed from source
tree.  I could not find any elfutils source code with these functions
above via google.

On the other hand, information about cie and fde is important to frysk
beside its libunwind java bindings.

Could any one here tell me where could I find source code of
Is it feasible to import dwarf_get_cie*.c and dwarf_get_fde_*.c to
elfutils in frysk-imports or put them back?

Any comments?  Thanks!

Yao Qi

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