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Re: Patch: add two accessors to Syscall

>> I was reading a thread on the valgrind list about finding where a bad
>> close() was called
>> and I thought this would be a simple thing for frysk to do.

Mark> Nice idea. It would be very good to have some simple example
Mark> checks you can do with frysk-core.

I've been thinking more generally that it would be nice if this were
an ftrace option somehow -- one concrete way of making it nicer than
strace :)

>> I wasn't sure whether you'd prefer email about little things like this
>> or whether I should just drop stuff directly in bugzilla... let me
>> know.

Mark> Please do both. At the moment it isn't easy to follow now bugzilla
Mark> reports, but if things are only mentioned on the mailinglist they tend
Mark> to be forgotten.

I filed a few things in the sourceware bugzilla.  I wasn't sure how
far you'd want me to go.  E.g., I looked a little at adding command
line options to ftrace, to make it strace compatible.  I filed a bug
resulting from this, but didn't file one for the general idea ...


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