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Re: frysk-imports frysk/bindir/ frysk/d ...

Tim Moore wrote:
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Mark Wielaard wrote:
Hi Tim,

+    catch (Task.TaskException e)
+      {
+	// XXX do real exception handling
+      }

I am all for Checked Exceptions, but this is the worst way to handle
them. This just swallows the exception completely without leaving any
trace that anything went wrong. Now we are worse off then when we had
unchecked exceptions. At least then the exception doesn't just
disappear. Please do fix these locations by either explicitly printing
the exception, or better wrapping them in RuntimeExceptions and
rethrowing them.
I agree that this is terrible style. I believe that you are not very
likely to see a TaskException in the wild and are thus not going to be
bitten by this right now, but the time to fix this is now.

That isn't the only example, and as expected and as predicted, they are continuing to accumulate. The key point here is that no language since Java (to be very specific C#) has thought to include checked-exceptions, if you can convince those language designers that there was a mistake in their rationale, then I'm all ears.

I'm going to change this exception to unchecked, and then go through and rip out all that accumulating fluf.


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