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-devel packages for java-gnome now needed


in short, if you upgrade your Fedora Core 5 or Devel, please run also

yum install libglade-java-devel libvte-java-devel libgconf-java-devel

An explanation:
in a recent upgrade of the java-gnome packages in Fedora Core 5
and Fedora Core Devel, the pkgconfig specifications (*.pc files)
were moved to  the -devel packages (glib-java-devel, etc.).

This means that the java-gnome packages are not recognized by frysk's
configure script, unless their -devel counterparts are installed,

The above command is enough, because dependencies bring in all other
java-gnome -devel packages.

The pkgconfig *.pc file is always put in the -devel part of the
package.  This enables to get dependencies right.

For example, when glade-java.pc specified the requirement of libglade-2.0,
then not only package libglade-java requires package libglade2,
but also libglade-java-devel requires package libglade2-devel.

I apologize for the problems caused by the fact that I have not
posted this announcement earlier.

Stepan Kasal

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