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Test result of utrace on PPC64(based on Fedoracore 6 Test 2 release).

Hi all,

Fedora Core 6 Test 2 has been released on July 7, 2006. Based on it, we
do one thorough test on PPC64. The test consists of the following two
parts and we summarize what we have tested as follows, wishing it can be
helpful for you to get a picture of how utrace works on PPC64.

1. Gdb's test on the FC6 test 2 release

In this part, we build gdb and run gdb testsuite on PPC64 with the
kernel 2.6.17-1.2517(shipped with FC6 Test 2). As for comparison, we
also run gdb testsuite on kernel 2.6.17-1.2145(without utrace patched in
but with the original ptrace). 

On each kernel, we run gdb testsuite twice: the first by compiling them
into 32bits ELF files and the second by compiling them into 64bits ELF
files. The test results are shown in the following tables:

Testcase            32on64on64(2.6.17-1.2145) 32on64on64(2.6.17-1.2517) 
expected passes             10673               10660
unexpected failures         339(3.18%)          356(3.34%)
expected failures           40                  40
known failures              59                  59
unresolved testcases        15                  14
untested testcases          5                   4
unsupported tests           11                  11

Testcase            64on64on64(2.6.17-1.2145) 64on64on64(2.6.17-1.2517)
expected passes             10684               10665               
unexpected failures         392(3.67%)          409(3.835%)
expected failures           44                  44
known failures              60                  60
unresolved testcases        4                   4
untested testcases          1                   1
unsupported tests           12                  14

Seen from the numbers in the above tables, the test results are very
encouraging. There're just only more 17 unexpected failures on the
kernel patched in utrace than on the kernel with the original ptrace!

If anyone think the detailed test results might be helpful, we're
willing to send the test results(including all test logs) to you.

2. utrace's testsuite on the FC6 test 2 release

As to utrace's testsuite, there are two test ways: one is to do the test
through building case into executable program; another is through
compiling case into kernel module.

If we choose the former test way, all testcases in ntrace package(you
can get it from roland's website: work well, the kernel runs well
during and after the test. All seems to be good.

However, if you build testcase(for example, crash-suspend.c, also got
from the roland's website) into kernel module, insert the module and
then do the test, the kernel may crash once in a while.

Best regards
Yong Zheng

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