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Fwd: [libunwind] moving libunwind to Savannah/

libunwind is moving home. A new mail-list is opened, which is more convenient I believe.

----- äDavid.Mosberger@acm.orgèåçéä -----
   ææï Thu, 10 Aug 2006 22:07:34 -0600
  åääïDavid Mosberger-Tang <>
åååïDavid Mosberger-Tang <>
    äéï[libunwind] moving libunwind to Savannah/

Since I'm no longer working for HP Labs (and haven't worked there for
over a year now), I started to move the libunwind-related files to
Savannah (web interface, mailing list, etc.) and (GIT
repository).  The libunwind project web-site can now be found here:

I also created a new mailing list:

Due to HP's privacy policy, I cannot simply move current subscribers
of to this new mailing list, so if you
continue to be interested in libunwind-development, please subscribe
to the new mailing list *now*, before you forget! ;-)

You can subscribe to the mailing list either by sending a mail with a
body of "subscribe" to or you can
do it via a web-browser at:

If you want to browse the current source trees, you can do so at the
following URLs:

 * for the current development tree:

 * for the stable v0.98 tree:

You can check out a GIT repository with the command:

  $ git clone git://
   (for development tree)
  $ git clone git://
   (for v0.98 tree)

I probably am forgetting a couple of things, but hopefully this will
get you started off in the right direction.


Mosberger Consulting LLC,
libunwind mailing list

----- End forwarded message -----

Regards - Wu Zhou

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