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Re: [patch] Add "-lbfd -liberty" for "-lopcode" only on ppc/ppc64

Any comments on this patch? It is frustrated to find that we can't build frysk on our platforms each time we check out the cvs tree. :-)

We believe this is a general solution at this time, if we are still planning to use opcode in frysk. Any long term dicision made on this? Thanks.

Quoting Yao Qi <>:

As mentioned by Wu in
item 2, the workaround for libopcode on ppc/ppc64 is that check the
target platform, and add "-lbfd -liberty" for "-lopcode" if the target
is ppc or ppc64; if not, nothing changed.

2006-08-02 Yao Qi <>

	* m4/frysk_libopcode.m4: New file and define FRYSK_LIBOPCODE.
	* acinclude.m4: Call FRYSK_LIBOPCODE.

	* frysk-core/ Append "-lbfd -liberty" per macro USE_LIBOPCODES.
	* frysk-gui/ Likewise.
	* frysk-gtk/ Likewise.
	* frysk-imports/ Likewise.
	* frysk-sys/ Likewise.

We are pleased to make contributions to elfutils to replace
binutils/bfd here, but currently, this patch could ensure that frsysk
could be built on ppc/ppc64 without applying any our local patches

Test this patch on PPC64 and X86, OK to commit? Thanks a lot!

Yao Qi

Regards - Wu Zhou

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