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Re: fix for bug 2969

Quoting Rick Moseley <>:

Looks good Yao. I have applied the patch. Thanks a lot.

We will look into moving the tests from core around or fixing them some
other way.

Hi Rick,

Did you work out any available ways right now? In our opinion, it is easiest to merge these libunwind dependent code into a same directory, to say, frysk-imports/lib/unwind.

In this way, you can continue to do anything you like on x86 and x86_64. and don't impact the building of frysk on ppc64.

And I also believe it is easy to re-arrange these code when libunwind is ready for ppc64.

What is your thought? Eager to know your thought on this.


Yao Qi wrote:
libunwind is not supported on ppc/ppc64, so libuwind and its java
bindings could be skipped when build frysk on ppc/ppc64.

2006-07-31 Yao Qi <>

* frysk-imports/ Build libunwind if it is supported.

Run on X86 and PPC64 to verify its output(Makefile.gen),
and libunwind and its java bindings are only built on X86.

OK to apply? Thanks.

Regards - Wu Zhou

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